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Wel­come to my web­site ded­i­cated to the won­der­ful breed of Chi­nese SharPei

Around 1987 I had the priv­i­lege of shar­ing my life with my first Chi­nese SharPei. Her Name was Suma.

I was always drawn to this aloof unique breed. Every sharpie has their own per­son­al­ity and they are like Lays potato chips.. you can never just have one…

I did not start off as a breeder… I was a “pet owner” for many years. I got my first show dog (Carmichael’s Wait­ing for You, call name Valen­tine) in 2009 and got hooked on the con­fir­ma­tion show ring. Within a few dog shows Valen­tine became a Cana­dian Cham­pion with me as the Handler!

The next step was to find a suit­able dog for her. My first Breed­ing with Valen­tine pro­duced many Cana­dian Cham­pi­ons and this is how my breed­ing pro­gram started.

My Ken­nel is named after one of my Heart dogs…. TaiPan (Don Juan DeMarco)

TaiPan Palace SharPei’s live in my home as fam­ily dogs, they are loved and treated with respect.

I have few breed­ings ….as I want the best for my pup­pies …so please don’t be offended if I ask you many ques­tions, and some may be personal.

If your first ques­tion to me is “how much” you likely are not in my view a poten­tial for­ever home… I want to know more about you …

I am breed­ing for sound health and tem­pera­ment and for the love of the Chi­nese SharPei…

Please browse through my web­site and fol­low my dogs through­out their careers as a fam­ily pet or as Cham­pi­ons in Canada and the USA.….… no mat­ter what life they choose to have they will always have a place in my heart!

I am a Mem­ber in good stand­ing with the Cana­dian Ken­nel Club and Chi­nese Shar-​Pei Club of Canada.

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